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African reality now is that you can only meet wildlife of Africa, in the national park. In large areas of the continents, wild animals were exterminated. They were killed for profit or just for fun. Now in many parts of continent – lions, leopards – a rare phenomenon. Almost every white rhino in Africa is known personally. Since the mid-19th century to the African continent rushed thousands of adventurers in pursuit of ivory. As a result, most of the elephant with large tusks became victim of the business. According to scientists, those animals that live on the African continent in the last century, is now remain ten percent. To prevent the complete destruction of these animals were created national parks.

East Africa – is the proud of the African continent. For the eternal snows and glaciers Africans called Kilimanjaro mountain god of cold. On both sides of the equator pitched its water greatest in Africa Lake Victoria. There are romantic Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon situated near. They are famous not only for its snow-capped peaks and glaciers, leaving Earth to a height of 5000 meters. Under the shade of the fabulous mountains there is a national park, famous due to its lions, “nesting” in the trees. To the south of the Mountains of the Moon there is “Ugandan Switzerland.” What is called the Ugandan town of Kabale, nestled in the beautiful highlands of Kigezi. One of its enchanting places – is Kanab Gorge, where you can find breathtaking panorama, on a clear day can be seen at a distance of over 150 kilometers.

Uganda – one of the corners of Africa, where tourists can admire the interesting world of African flora and fauna. Here you can see herds of elephants, numbering hundreds of animals, ferocious kaffir buffalo, lions, antelopes, fat hippos and crocodiles basking on the banks of the Nile.

crocodile and hippo

“Elephants have a preferential right movement” – such signs are dazzling arrived foreigners.

Uganda – one of the few African countries which still have apes. Gorillas can be seen near the mountains, close to the border of Rwanda. To admire them for visitors constructed space for viewing.

Despite his ferocious appearance, African gorillas are flexible. These powerful animals eat mainly wild fruits, leaves and roots of various plants, insects.


As a rule, gorillas have peaceful character and attack humans extremely rare. However, it happens sometimes. Several years ago, in a mountainous area in the north of Nigeria gorilla began fighting with the African local tribes. The battle lasted for about an hour and ended not in favor of the people.

In the north-western Uganda there is a unique national park. It is named after the famous Murchison Falls in Africa.

At the entrance to the park road is blocked by a barrier. It is not sufficient to pay the entry fee. You should also read the instructions. If you’re lucky, in Murchison National Park, you can see as a black and white rhino, see Nile hippos and crocodiles, devouring a lot of fish, stunned falling water cascade Murchison Falls. Uganda, if I may say so, crocodiles record holder. It was here in 1955, was killed in Africa’s largest crocodile length of 7 meters.


But the real masters of Murchison Park – elephants. On the few tourist road of the park are often “traffic jam” when the masses wandering in search of food elephants cross the road. Instructions with which you meet at the entrance to the park, commands give way to the elephants. And hardly anyone dares to challenge these powerful animals the right championship. After all, was in Murchison Park case when impolite elephant turned easily fluff car.


Elephants are everywhere. When we moved by the ferry to the opposite bank of the Nile, to eat at the hotel, we found that there is no forbidden places for elephants, At the entrance to the hotel we found a warning to be careful, because here there are elephants. We didn’t believe it. As proof, we have shown the footprints of elephants literally two or three meters from the entrance to the hotel.

However, sometimes hippos are trying to challenge the elephant’s supremacy. One family of elephants was known in Murchison park, that regularly ‘inspectors’ trash cans in the house where tourists stop. One day, ending, as usual, their job, the family decided to drink and cool off in the Nile. Young elephant rushed into the water, piping and dispersing hippos. But one of the hippos, apparently, was not easily frightened and refused to comply. Moreover, he grabbed the elephant’s trunk and pulled over to the depth. Only the intervention of elephant mother saved baby elephant. Behemoth released elephant and slowly withdrew.

elephant and crocodile

In fact, elephants love to play in water. At this very skillfully played administration Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Before the veranda of the hotel Kilaguni (Hill rhino) they built several ponds and animals rush to the hotel to drink. The tourists directly from the veranda can take pictures and admire the elephants.

In Nairobi National Park, you can see the long-legged feathered predator – Secretary hunting for snakes in the grass and next – a majestic giraffe. Giraffes are quiet, because even the animal king lion afraid of their powerful hooves. In a small river backwater family of hippos lives with the crocodiles.


On the plains of the park there are a lots of zebra, they do not pay any attention to the visitors. The favorite food of large predators – all kinds of antelope – represented in abundance. Always wary gazelles at any times can be found at the entrance to the park. These graceful, fragile animals seemed to be seeking protection in humans.


And, of course, the most popular animals of nationals park – a monkey. Monkeys and baboons will attacking you from the very first steps. Trying to get ahead of others, at the entrance, set up their outpost red baboon with crippled front paw. Invalid jungle tries not to miss a single visitor. He unceremoniously climbs on the hood of the car.


But the primary focus of visitors there are the lions Nairobi. Wandering through national parks of East Africa, we have seen that people willing to see the lions so much more than the animals themselves.

I first became acquainted with the lions just ten kilometers from the largest city in East Africa, Nairobi. The fact, that there is a national park not far from Kenyan capital. Inexperience we believed that lions will certainly have to hide in thickets of acacia. We traveled more than a dozen kilometers of the park, carefully wading through prickly bushes, tried to climb deeper into the jungle, away from the drive off the beaten track. Waiting for the animals at the water sources in the hope that the lions thirsty. But it was all in vain. And when we have already given up on inhospitable hosts the animal king, our attention was attracted by the accumulation of vehicles on the roadside.


We came out of curiosity. Seen scene literally struck us. Surrounded on all sides by vehicles packed with curious tourists, the family of lions a few meters from the carriageway of the road ends at an unusual hour royal meal. A good half of the sluggishness of antelope already digested in the stomach of the lion. But even sated, lions are not in a hurry to leave the victim. It was noticeable that abundant food and hot sun shaggy male tended to sleep. But laziness or greed would not allow him to stand up and take refuge in the shadow of the nearest bush. Initiative showed a lioness. She got up, walked around the dismembered antelope, and cast an indifferent glance at the people went into the shadows.

Lions in Nairobi park so get used to tourists that do not pay attention to the presence of people. As a rule, the lions do not attack man for murder.


However, some of the lions can have playful character and sometimes deliver a lot of trouble forester and park guards. Once two lions, nicknamed “scoundrels”, overlooked forester, which was riding the bicycle. To avoid trouble forester ran away, leaving the bicycle and hat. Lions long time guarded bicycle, not wanting to return it to his master. In another case, a family of lions, insomniacs, decided to have fun at night, chasing cars on the highway Nairobi – Mombasa, which runs parallel to the border of the national park. The administration was forced to call at two o’clock the police in order to “persuade” the animals come back into the park.

However, animal antics do not always look harmless. Not so long ago in the Serengeti National Park, located in Tanzania, a lion attacked the car. Without any apparent reason, he began to pursue “Land Rover”. Fortunately for the passengers, they escaped with two large holes left by the fangs of the beast on the wing of the car. In another case in the Serengeti rhino did not like the five-ton truck. Furious animal horn pierced the tire, moving the machine down.

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