Tanzania National Parks


The next day we abandon hospitable Mountain inn and go on a trip to the national parks. From Arusha hour and a half we’re going down the highway, but then begins bumpy primer. In fact, in Tanzania built excellent roads, but three hours towards the main park construction stopped. There are two reasons. First, foreigners are attracted to Tanzania opportunity to see the real Africa, the main feature of which in their view are herds of wild animals and lack of asphalt, at least in the jungle and savanna. Secondly, it is believed that if pave the way, there is also appeared human villages, and animals will go away. Both reasons not indisputable, but be that as it may, we rubbed the back velvet covers “Landry-faith” famous company in Tanzania Equatorial safaris, swallow considerable portion of the finest red dust and dream quickly get to the Ngorongoro.


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Endangered fauna of Africa

animals in Africa

African reality now is that you can only meet wildlife of Africa, in the national park. In large areas of the continents, wild animals were exterminated. They were killed for profit or just for fun. Now in many parts of continent – lions, leopards – a rare phenomenon. Almost every white rhino in Africa is known personally. Since the mid-19th century to the African continent rushed thousands of adventurers in pursuit of ivory. As a result, most of the elephant with large tusks became victim of the business. According to scientists, those animals that live on the African continent in the last century, is now remain ten percent. To prevent the complete destruction of these animals were created national parks.


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