Ebola virus

Ebola virus

One of the most exciting contemporary problems of Africa, which is in fact very worried not merely African country, but almost the whole world – the famous Ebola virus. The worst thing in it that against him currently there are no treatment and mortality during infection of Ebola is 70 to 90%. It seems similar situations in medieval Europe was a plague against which where was no effective treatment and mortality was extremely high (sometimes entire towns and villages were killed by this invisible enemy). But whether it is appropriate to compare Ebola with terrible plague, is it so bad, after all, we no longer live in the middle Ages.

It’s no secret that Ebola come from Africa and its name in honor of Ebola River that flows in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo). Here Ebola was first discovered, and opened back in 1976. That is not yesterday. And it is logical question, what the hell if this dangerous virus with mortality from 70 to 90% was discovered almost 40 years ago, still not invented against him any treatment, and only now best world scientists in waltz tempo seeking a vaccine against it. Perhaps the problem is when poor Africans suffered and died from Ebola nobody cared. In the same Zaire terrible epidemic of Ebola were in 1976, 1994, 1995, 2001-2002. But global panic arose only recently – after Americans and Europeans got this virus and even took him to their country. And of course lack of treatment seriously frightened people of the civilized world.

A general history of Ebola very revealing, it illustrates the indifference to the social problems of the “Dark Continent”, which like Pandora’s Box conceals many “surprises”.

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