Africa. Strange black continent. And black is not only because of its indigenous black population, but also black thanks to our enlightened European ignorance of Africa. Indeed, what knows the average European (or let the American, Chinese) inhabitant of Africa, its history, civilization and culture? Almost nothing! For most people acquaintance with Africa is limited guided tour to Egypt. Egypt is certainly very interesting country, but Egypt is far from the whole of Africa, but only a little bit. But do we know something about Zimbave, Rwanda, Kenya or Mozambique. About the customs prevailing in Central Africa, about how small African nation live – the youngest people on the planet – the African Pygmies, and the highest – African Masai. What they believe, what gods worship, what abut their history? And what a life they have, what food they eat? And what art they have, marriage customs?

All this you can find on our site about Africa. So welcome to the virtual journey into the black continent, lets discover Africa together.