Dogon – people living among the rocks


Majestic cliffs rise in the savannah. Their giant debris with many gorges and caves come off the whole chain of mountains. But on the projections seemingly inaccessible, full of life. Here, in this labyrinth of rocks to escape the bloody clashes, eight centuries ago moved Dogon tribe. And now they live entirely apart from the other tribes of the Republic of Mali.

dogon village

Funny thatched huts with conical roofs, clay huts on stilts, and clambering around people. But with a thick rope behind Dogon go to its tiny field, where among heaps of stones he grows millet and groundnuts. In his hands, he has hoe and a bag of seeds. On the other ledge young girls go to fetch water. In times of drought kilometer walk to the source of the mountains and the rocks requires almost acrobatic art. Try to walk this path with empty hands, and then you will need extraordinary skill, but if you have a pitcher of water on your head! Such a heavy duty have the dogon girls.


At the top of one of the rocks boys shepherds guard stunted herd of goats and sheep, plucking a rare grass among the stones.

Dogon live in the old, large families, where senior dominates. Usually, the family occupies a plateau. The caves are very often connected by underground tunnels that allows Dogon feel completely safe. Senior decides all questions: when to repair the huts, how many products leave for selling. Dogon keep their inventories together in straw barns. And sell the surplus on the market in the nearby town. Doing this only women. The Dogon sell or exchange for millet and groundnuts necessary items. Most of all they need strong ropes – a kind of key to the home. Without it, even the rocks Dogon not climb. Forget the rope – and do not come back home.

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